The Crew

Here on World of Hognose we have a small but dedicated crew, which everyday works on getting the experience of browsing WOH to a new level.

Here is a short description of the people behind. 

Allan Riis

My fascination of reptiles started when I was little.
Through the years I have had a variety of reptiles, but in recent years I have only been focusing on Ball Pythons.

I find it fascinating that you can create your own designs.

I have together with Thomas made some websites about Ball Pythons.

We started to make a genetic wizard on my website, and then we made a Danish website about  Ball Pythons.

We agreed that we should make one in English.
The rest is history.


Thomas Bendtsen

Got his first reptile as a little boy. A little Green Iguana, and this started a life with all kinds of pets. Thomas has kept almost everything a from gerbils over birds to alligators.

6 years ago the interest felt on Ball Pythons and it has been like this since. Personal collection is not the biggest in the world, but working with many dinker projects and trying to improve all the time, keep the good spirit going.

Thomas is the site developer, he takes care of the design and coding.