The Arctic mutation is a kind of Axanthic. As the heterozygote genotype… the plain Arctic… they look like lesser Axanthics. The general look is grey and with just a very reduced amount of colour. If you look at them closely, you can see a faded pinkish hue on the sides of the body, soft greenish pattern on the back, just a small number of little yellow spots on the almost black belly and an orange-pink coloured scale on the cloaca. Of course they can vary a bit. So they can have the general grey look but some of them are high contrast with a creamy white background colour and dark (nearly black) pattern. From the time of hatching until the first regular shed they start to muddy up a little bit and you start to worry if this is indeed something special. But you will stop doubting right from the moment when they shed…a bright hognose with greenish pattern on a creamy coloured background.
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